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Show details for イ、ユイイ、ユイleave behind
Show details for イキイキregion
Show details for イクイクそだ(つ)、そだ(てる)、そだ(ち)raise
Show details for イチイチone
Show details for イチ、イツイチ、イツひと(つ)one
Show details for イツイツdiverge
Show details for インインかく(す)、かく(れる)hide
Show details for インインかげ、かげ(る)shadow
Show details for インインしるしmark
Hide details for インインの(む)drink
飲食(n) food and drink/eating and drinking/(P)/
飲酒癖alcoholic addiction/
飲み代(n) drink money/
飲込み(n) understanding/apprehension/
飲抜け(n) drunkard/
飲み干す(v5s) to drink up/to drain (cup)/
飲み手(n) heavy drinker/
飲用水(n) potable water/
飲ませる(v1) to make somebody drink/to give someone a drink/
飲酒(n) drinking alcohol (sake)/
飲みで(n) more than enough/
飲物(n) drink/beverage/(P)/
飲水(n) drinking water/
飲み過ぎ(n) overdrinking/
飲み乾す(v5s) to drink up/
飲む(v5m) to drink/(P)/
飲酒の害ill effects of drinking/
飲み下す(v5s) to swallow/to gulp down/
飲酒運転drunken driving/
飲み物(n) drink/beverage/(P)/

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