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Show details for イ、ユイイ、ユイleave behind
Show details for イキイキregion
Show details for イクイクそだ(つ)、そだ(てる)、そだ(ち)raise
Show details for イチイチone
Show details for イチ、イツイチ、イツひと(つ)one
Show details for イツイツdiverge
Hide details for インインかく(す)、かく(れる)hide
隠然(adj-na,n) latent power/secret/reality/
隠れもない(exp) well-known/
隠蔽子(n) suppressor/
隠し味(n) bringing out a taste/
隠れ家(n) hiding place/refuge/
隠喩(n) metaphor/
隠れ蓑(n) magic cloak of invisibility/
隠坊(n) cemetery guard/crematorium worker/
隠元豆(n) kidney bean/
隠れ道(n) hidden path/
隠微(adj-na,n) obscurity/mystery/abstruseness/
隠密(adj-na,n) privacy/secrecy/spy/detective/
隠しカメラhidden (spy) camera/
隠退蔵物資secretly hoarded goods/
隠蔽(n,vs) concealment/suppression/hiding/
隠し立て(n) secrecy/
隠匿物資concealed materials/(P)/
隠語(n) secret language/jargon/cant/humbug/(P)/
隠棲(n) secluded life/
隠者(n) hermit/(P)/
隠し田(n) unregistered rice field/
隠し持つ(v5t) to carry (something) under cover/
隠居(n) retirement/retired person/(P)/

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