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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Hide details for イ、ユイイ、ユイleave behind
遺跡(n) historic ruins (remains, relics)/(P)/
遺言書(n) testament/
遺著(n) posthumous work/
遺伝学(n) genetics/study of heredity/
遺物(n) relic/momento/
遺文(n) literary remains/
遺愛(n) bequest/relic/
遺失物取り扱い所lost and found office/
遺伝情報genetic information/
遺髪(n) hair of the deceased/
遺伝病(n) hereditary (genetic) disease/
遺産(n) inheritance/bequest/(P)/
遺孤(n) orphan/
遺贈分legal portion/
遺草(n) posthumous works/
遺墨(n) autographs (brushwork) of departed person/
遺失(n,vs) loss/
遺贈(n) bequest/legacy/
遺稿(n) posthumous manuscripts/
遺族(n) bereaved family/(P)/
遺集collection of writings by the deceased/
遺芳(n) memory or autograph of deceased/
遺詠(n) posthumous song or poem/
遺作(n) posthumous works/
遺業(n) work left at death/
遺址(n) (historic) ruins/
遺失品lost article/

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