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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Hide details for イmedicine
医学博士M.D./Doctor of Medicine/
医学雑誌(n) medical journal/
医学用語medical term/(P)/
医科歯科medical and dental college/
医大(n) medical university/medical school/
医界(n) medical world/
医療過誤medical malpractice/
医務室medical office/
(n,n-suf,vs) medicine/the healing art/doctor/cure/healing/quenching (thirst)/(P)/
医療報酬medical fee/
医学の祖founder of medical science/
医学生物学medical biology/
医院(n) doctor's office (surgery)/clinic/dispensary/
医療器械medical appliances/surgical instruments/
医師会(n) medical association/
医局(n) medical office/dispensary/
医博(n) doctor of medicine/
医科(n) medical science/medical department/
医書(n) medical book/
医学生medical student/
医伯(pol) doctor/
医学界medical world/
医学部(n) medical faculty/(P)/
医務(n) medical affairs/
医療費(n) medical expenses/doctor's bill/
医術(n) medicine/healing art/
医療用medical use/
医学者(n) medical scientist/
医業(n) medical practice/

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