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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
胃腸(adj-na,n) stomach/gastrointestine/(P)/
胃腸薬(n) digestive medicine/medicine for the stomach and bowels/
胃病(n) stomach trouble/(P)/
胃袋(n) stomach/(P)/
胃酸(n) stomach (gastric) acid/(P)/
胃カタル(n) gastric catarrh/
胃薬(n) stomach medicine/
胃炎(n) gastritis/gastric catarrh/
胃酸過多症(n) gastric hyperacidity/
(n) stomach/(P)/
胃下垂(n) gastroptosis/(P)/
胃散(n) stomach medicine/
胃壁(n) stomach lining/gastric wall/
胃癌(n) stomach cancer/(P)/
胃痛(n) stomach-ache/stomach pain/gastralgia/
胃弱(n) dyspepsia/(P)/
胃腸病gastrointestinal disorder/
胃液(n) gastric juice/
胃洗浄(vs) gastric irrigation/gastric lavage/
胃痙攣(n) stomach cramps/
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