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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
意欲(n) will/desire/ambition/(P)/
意思表示declaration of intention/
意外と(adv) surprisingly/unexpectedly/
意見を言う(exp) to state one's opinion/
意嚮(n) intention/idea/inclination/
意志の疎通agreement of wills/(P)/
意見を持つ(exp) to hold an opinion/
意中の人(n) sweetheart/person in one's thoughts (heart)/
意地汚ない(adj) gluttonous/greedy/
意匠登録(n) registration of a design/
意気込み(n) ardor/enthusiasm/
意志的(adj-na) strong-willed/
意見広告(n) protest advertising (on an issue by a pressure group)/
意気消沈(n,vs) depressed in spirits/dispirited/disheartened/rejection/
意図(n) intention/aim/design/(P)/
意味を捉える(exp) to grasp the meaning/
意志の疏通mutual understanding/
意馬心猿(n) uncontrollable passions/
意表(n) surprise/something unexpected/
意味(n,vs) meaning/significance/(P)/
意図的(adj-na) intentional/on purpose/
意固地(adj-na,n) perversity/
意気盛んだbe in high spirits/
意気地(n) self-respect/self-confidence/guts/backbone/
意気軒昂(adj-na,n) in high spirits/elated/
意味深長(adj-na,n) profound (often hidden) meaning/pregnant with significance/
意見交換exchange of ideas/exchange of opinions/

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