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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
威徳(n) virtue and influence/
威張り散らす(v5s) to domineer/
威嚇(n) menace/threat/(P)/
威容(n) dignity/majestic appearance/
威張る(v5r) to be proud/to swagger/(P)/
威喝(n) threatening/
威張り腐る(v5r) to throw one's weight around/to be puffed up/
威風(n) majesty/dignity/
威力(n) power/might/authority/influence/
威有って猛からずdignified without being overbearing/
威圧(n) coercion/
威武(n) authority and force/
威を振るう(exp) to exercise authority/
威権(n) authority/power/
威かして金を取る(exp) to scare money out of (a person)/
威名(n) fame/prestige/
威嚇射撃warning shot/
威儀(n) dignity/majesty/dignified manner/
威令(n) authority/
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