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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
為過ぎる(v1) to overdo/to do too much/
為尽くす(v5) to do everything possible/
為悪い(adj) hard to do/
為ん術(n) proper methods/
為替裁定exchange arbitration/
為す(v5s) to accomplish/to do/(P)/
為替尻(n) balance of exchange/
為に(conj) for/for the sake of/to one's advantage/in favor of/on behalf of/
為人(n) temperament/
為替銀行exchange bank/
為る(v5r) to change/to be of use/to reach to/
為し遂げる(v1) to finish/to fulfill/to accomplish/
為銀exchange bank/
為遂げる(v1) to accomplish/to finish/to fulfill/
為し終える(v1,vt) to accomplish/to finish/
為出かす(oK) (v5s) (uk) to perpetrate/to do/to finish up/to be guilty of/
為損なう(v5u) to blunder/to fail/to make a mistake/to miss/
為合う(v5) (uk) to do together/
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