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On reading-Kun reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
位置を変える(exp) to change the position of/
位官(n) rank and official position/
位付け(n) ranking/unit/
(n-adv,n,suf,vs) grade/rank/court order/dignity/nobility/situation/throne/crown/occupying a position/about/almost/as/rather/at least/enough to/(P)/
位取り(n,vs) grade/class/quality/unit/digit/positioning of decimal point/(P)/
位勲rank and order of merit/
位置付け(n) placement/fixed position/
位相幾何学(adj-na) topology/topological/
位が昇る(exp) to rise in rank/
位相速度(n) phase velocity/
位相(n) phase (in science)/
位牌(n) Buddhist mortuary tablet/
位次order of rank/order of seating/
位する(vs-s) to rank/to be ranked/to be located/
位の高い人person of high rank/
位記(n) court rank diploma/
位相空間phase space (physics)/
位記追贈conferment of posthumous rank/
位置合わせ(vs) alignment/justification/
位置づける(v1) to place (in relation to the whole)/to rank/to position/to locate/
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