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Show details for アsub-
Show details for アイアイあわ(れ)、あわ(れむ)sorrow
Show details for アイアイlove
Show details for アクアクにぎ(る)grasp
Show details for アク、オアク、オわる(い)bad
Hide details for アツアツpressure
圧密(n) consolidation/
圧勝(n,vs) complete victory/
圧迫感(n) feeling of oppression/
圧瀘器(iK) filter press/
圧痛点pressure point/
圧倒的(adj-na,n) overwhelming/(P)/
圧入(n) indentation/
圧搾空気compressed air/
圧し合う(v5u) to jostle/to push/
圧す(v5) (arch) to dent/to press/to push/
圧力容器(n) pressure vessel/
圧濾器filter press/
圧縮酸素(n) compressed oxygen/
圧着(n) crimp/
圧力計(n) manometer/pressure gauge/
圧する(vs-s) to press/to oppress/to dominate/to overwhelm/
圧制(n) oppression/tyranny/despotism/
圧し(n) weight/pressing down/commanding presence/authority/
圧縮器(n) compression/
圧迫包帯(n) pressure bandage/
圧延鋼rolled steel/
圧伏(n,vs) overpower/subdue/keep down/

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