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Show details for アsub-
Show details for アイアイあわ(れ)、あわ(れむ)sorrow
Hide details for アイアイlove
愛する夫lord of one's bosom/
愛弟子(n) favorite pupil/teacher's pet/
愛餐会love feast/agape/
愛車(n) (one's) beloved car/
愛情を傾ける(exp) to fix one's affection on/
愛犬家lover of dogs/
愛国団体(n) patriotic group or organization/
愛別離苦(n) (Buddhism) the pain of separation from loved ones/
愛蔵版favourite printing (edition)/
愛欲(n) passion/love/lust/
愛飲者(habitual) drinker/
愛の神(n) Amor/Eros/Venus/god of love/
愛の巣(n) love nest/
愛憎(adj-na,n) likes and dislikes/
愛郷(n) love for one's hometown/
愛唱歌(n) (one's) favourite song/
愛ぶ(n,vs) caress/loving dearly/
愛着(n) attachment/love/covetous affection/
愛用者(n) regular user/person who favors (something)/
愛想尽かし(n) harsh words intended to drive another off/
愛育(n,vs) tender nurture/
愛に飢える(v1) to hunger (starve) for love/
愛息(n) (your) beloved son/cute boy/
愛妾(n) prostitute/
愛孫(n) one's beloved grandchild/
愛撫(n,vs) caress/loving dearly/

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