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Show details for アsub-
Hide details for アイアイあわ(れ)、あわ(れむ)sorrow
哀弔sympathetic condolences/
哀れっぽい(adj) plaintive/piteous/doleful/
哀傷(n) sorrow/grief/
哀悼(n) condolence/regret/sorrow/sympathy/lament/(P)/
哀詞message of condolence/
哀切(adj-na,n) pathetic/plaintive/
哀話(n) sad story/(P)/
哀哭(n) grief/mourning/lamentation/
哀調(n) plaintive/mournful melody/minor key/
哀れ気(adj-na) sad/sorrowful/pensive/
哀訴(n) appeal/complaint/
哀音(n) sad voices/sad sounds/
哀愁(n) pathos/sorrow/grief/(P)/
哀詩(n) elegy/
哀情(n) sadness/
哀哉(exp) Sad to say/How sad/Alas/
哀痛(n) sorrowing with the bereaved/
哀しい出来事sad event/
哀れ(adj-na,int,n) helpless/pathos/pity/sorrow/grief/misery/compassion/(P)/
哀歌(n) lament (song)/elegy/dirge/sad song/(P)/
哀憐(n) pity/compassion/
哀れむ(v5m) to commiserate/to pity/to have mercy on/to sympathize with/(P)/
哀願(n,vs) supplication/appeal/entreaty/petition/
哀れみ(n) pity/compassion/
哀しみ(n) sadness/sorrow/grief/

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