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Show details for アsub-
Show details for アイアイあわ(れ)、あわ(れむ)sorrow
Show details for アイアイlove
Show details for アクアクにぎ(る)grasp
Show details for アク、オアク、オわる(い)bad
Show details for アツアツpressure
Show details for アンアンくら(い)dark
Show details for アンアンやす(い)、やす(らぐ)cheap, relax, relieve
Show details for アンアンproposal
Show details for イうつ(る)、うつ(す)move
Show details for イえら(い)great
Show details for イかこ(む)、かこ(う)、かこ(い)enclose
Show details for イくらい、ぐらいrank
Show details for イこと(なる)、ことdifferent
Show details for イころもclothes
Show details for イためdo
Hide details for イちが(う)、ちが(い)differ
違算(n) miscalculation/
違いない(adj,exp) (phrase) sure/no mistaking it/for certain/(P)/
違憲(n) unconstitutionality/(P)/
違反者violator (of a law)/
違法(adj-na,n) illegal/illegality/unlawfulness/(P)/
違式(n) informality/breach of etiquette/
違える(v1) to change/(P)/
違い棚(n) set of staggered shelves/
違約金(n) penalty for contract breach/
違令(n) violation of law/
違憲性(n) unconstitutionality/

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