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Show details for アsub-
Show details for アイアイあわ(れ)、あわ(れむ)sorrow
Show details for アイアイlove
Show details for アクアクにぎ(る)grasp
Show details for アク、オアク、オわる(い)bad
Show details for アツアツpressure
Show details for アンアンくら(い)dark
Show details for アンアンやす(い)、やす(らぐ)cheap, relax, relieve
Show details for アンアンproposal
Show details for イうつ(る)、うつ(す)move
Show details for イえら(い)great
Show details for イかこ(む)、かこ(う)、かこ(い)enclose
Show details for イくらい、ぐらいrank
Show details for イこと(なる)、ことdifferent
Show details for イころもclothes
Hide details for イためdo
為落とす(v5) to fail to do/to make light of/to neglect/
為替差益profit on currency exchange/
為て遣るto do for (someone)/to deceive/to hoodwink/
為果せる(v1) to accomplish/
為し終わる(v5,vi) to finish/
為損じる(v1) to blunder/to fail/to make a mistake/
為来り(n) customs/
為着livery/servant's clothes provided by employers/
為初める(v1) to begin to do/
為体state of affairs/predicament/
為残す(v5) to leave unfinished/
(n) good/advantage/benefit/welfare/sake/to/in order to/because of/as a result of/(P)/
為り手(n) candidate/suitable person/

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