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Show details for アsub-
Show details for アイアイあわ(れ)、あわ(れむ)sorrow
Show details for アイアイlove
Show details for アクアクにぎ(る)grasp
Show details for アク、オアク、オわる(い)bad
Show details for アツアツpressure
Show details for アンアンくら(い)dark
Show details for アンアンやす(い)、やす(らぐ)cheap, relax, relieve
Show details for アンアンproposal
Hide details for イうつ(る)、うつ(す)move
移転先(n) one's new address/
移民法immigration law/
移駐(n,vs) moving/transferring/
移転(n,vs) moving/transfer/demise/(P)/
移行(n,vs) switching over to/
移管(n) transfer of control/
移出(n,vs) export/shipping out/
移着(vs) adhering or embedding of wear debris in the opposing surface/
移牒(n) notification to authorities/
移植(n,vs) transplanting/porting/implantation/engrafting/(P)/
移り変わる(v5r) to change/
移入(n,vs) importation/ingression/migration/transfection/
移調(n,vs) (musical) transposition/
移動図書館mobile library/bookmobile (USA)/
移項(n,vs) transposition/
移動体moving body/
移動(n,vs) removal/migration/movement/(P)/
移行期間(n) period of transition (e.g. from old to new system)/
移る(v5r) to move (house)/to be infected/to be contagious/to transfer (department)/(P)/
移し替える(v1) to shift (move) (an object) to (into)/

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