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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
略号(n) code/mark/symbol/
略式手続きsummary proceedings/
略記(n) abbreviation/
略史(n) brief history/
略体(n) simplified form of a kanji/
略装(n) demitoilet/ordinary dress/
略述(n) outline/summary/
略奪(n) pillage/plunder/looting/robbery/(P)/
略画(n) rough sketch/
略服(n) everyday clothes/informal clothes (dress)/
(n,n-suf,vs) abbreviation/omission/(P)/
略叙(n) brief account/
(adv) almost/roughly/approximately/(P)/
略称(n) abbreviation/
略名(n) mnemonic/
略記法abridged notation/
Show details for abstainabstainサイとき
Show details for abundantabundantユウ
Show details for accompanyaccompanyハン、バンともな(う)
Show details for accompanyaccompanyバイ
Show details for accomplishaccomplishスイと(げる)
Show details for accumulateaccumulateセキつ(む)、つ(もる)、つも(り)
Show details for accumulateaccumulateチクたくわ(える)
Show details for accuseaccuseショウ
Show details for acidacidサンす(い)、す(っぱい)
Show details for act in place ofact in place ofセツ
Show details for activeactiveカツ
Show details for addaddくわ(える)、くわ(わる)
Show details for add toadd toテンそ(う)、そ(える)
Show details for admonishadmonishさと(す)

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