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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
廃れた家を興す(exp) to restore a family to its former prosperity/
廃ガス(n) waste gas/
廃車(n) decommissioned vehicle/out of service vehicle/
廃疾条件disability clause/
廃頽(n) decay/decadence/
廃盤(n) records out of production/
廃屋(n) dilapidated house/deserted house/
廃墟(n) ruins/
廃棄(n,vs) annullment/disposal/abandon/scrap/discarding/repeal/
廃坑(n) abandoned mine/disused mine/(P)/
廃案(n) rejected bill (project)/
廃仏毀釈(n) anti-Buddhist movement at the beginning of the Meiji era/
廃艦(n) decommissioned warship/
廃り(n) waste/wastage/waster/
廃疾(n) disablement/disability/(P)/
廃滅(n) decay/ruination/
廃る(v5r) to go out of use/to become obsolete/to die out/to go out of fashion/(P)/
廃嫡(n) disinheritance/
廃熱(n) remaining heat/waste heat/
廃虚(n) castle ruins/
廃品(n) waste/garbage/
廃合(n) abolition and amalgamation/
廃れたout of date/disused/obsolete/
廃絶(n,vs) extinction/abolition/(P)/
廃止(n,vs) abolition/repeal/(P)/
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