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Hide details for armyarmyグン
軍事教練military training/
軍神(n) god of war/war hero/
軍事費war funds/war expenditures/
軍議(n) war council/
軍司令部(n) military headquarters/
軍人風(adj-no) of military bearing/
軍記(n) war chronicle/
軍装(n) soldier's equipment/
軍事(n) military affairs/(P)/
軍容(n) military accouterments/troop formation/
軍医総監surgeon general/
軍帽(n) military cap/
軍職(n) military profession/military post/
軍事訓練military exercise/drill/
軍用地図army (topographic) map/
軍勢(n) military forces/hosts/troops/
軍兵(n) armed forces/battle troops/
軍長combat commander/
軍略(n) strategy/tactics/
軍備(n) armaments/military preparations/(P)/
軍部(n) military authorities/army circles/
軍備縮小reduction of armaments/
軍備管理arms control/
軍士(n) soldiers/
軍費(n) war funds/war expenditures/
軍営(n) military camp/
軍医監surgeon major general/
軍事輸送military transport/
軍門に降る(exp) to capitulate/to surrender/

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