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Hide details for armarmワンうで
腕枕(n) using one's arms as a pillow/
腕比べ(n) contest (of strength or skill)/
腕時計(n) wristwatch/(P)/
腕白(adj-na,n) naughtiness/(P)/
腕木(n) crossarm/bracket/
腕利き(adj-na,n) person of ability/
腕試し(n) trying one's ability/
腕力(n) physical strength/brute strength/arm strength/(P)/
腕が上がる(exp) to gain in skill/
腕渡りbrachiation/swinging from branch to branch/
腕立て伏せ(n) push-ups/
腕っ節(n) physical strength/
腕が鈍る(exp) to become less capable/
腕尽くto do one's best/to do by force/
腕を振るう(exp) to exercise one's talent/to display one's ability/
腕前(n) ability/skill/facility/(P)/
腕首(n) wrist/
腕相撲(n) arm wrestling/
腕章(n) arm band/
腕輪(n) bracelet/bangle/(P)/
腕を上げる(exp) to improve one's skill/
腕組み(n) arm wrestling/
腕立(n,vs) push-up/
腕捲り(n) rolling up one's sleeves/
腕自慢(n) pride in one's strength or skill/
腕立伏せ(n,vs) push-up/
腕が良いbe able/be skilled/

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