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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Show details for ageageレイとし
Show details for age suffix, year, timeage suffix, year, timeサイ、セイ
Show details for agileagileビン
Show details for agreeagreeショウうけたまわ(る)
Show details for aidaidエン
Show details for alcoholalcoholシュさけ
Show details for allallカイみな
Show details for allianceallianceメイ
Show details for all, manifoldall, manifoldショ
Show details for alone, Germanyalone, Germanyドクひと(り)
Show details for alongalong沿エンそ(う)
Show details for alreadyalreadyすで(に)
Show details for amusementamusementコウ、キョウおこ(る)、おこ(す)
Show details for analyzeanalyzeセキ
Show details for ancestorancestor
Show details for angleangleカクかど、つの
Show details for angle, fishangle, fishチョウつ(る)、つ(り)
Hide details for animal cry/callanimal cry/callメイな(く)、な(る)、な(らす)
鳴子(n) clapper/
鳴り物(n) a musical instrument/music/fanfare/
鳴らす(v5s,vt) to ring/to sound/to chime/to beat/to snort (nose)/(P)/
鳴く(v5k) to bark/to purr/to make sound (animal)/(P)/
鳴禽(n) songbird/
鳴る(v5r) to sound/to ring/to resound/to echo/to roar/to rumble/(P)/
鳴り渡る(v5r) to resound (echo) far and wide/
鳴戸(n) maelstrom/
鳴り響く(v5k) to reverberate/to resound/to echo/
鳴り物入り(n) a flourish of trumpets/
鳴き声(n,vs) cry (esp. animal)/roar/(P)/

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