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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Show details for ageageレイとし
Show details for age suffix, year, timeage suffix, year, timeサイ、セイ
Show details for agileagileビン
Show details for agreeagreeショウうけたまわ(る)
Show details for aidaidエン
Show details for alcoholalcoholシュさけ
Hide details for allallカイみな
皆既食(n) total eclipse (of sun by moon)/totality/
皆殺し(n) massacre/annihilation/wholesale slaughter/
皆無(adj-na,n) nothing/(P)/
皆兵制度system of universal conscription/
皆既(n) total eclipse/totality/
(adv,n) all/everyone/everybody/(P)/
皆既月食(n) total eclipse of the moon/
皆納(n) full payment of a tax/
皆既蝕(n) total eclipse (of sun by moon)/totality/
皆勤賞reward or prize for perfect attendance/
皆様(n) everyone/(P)/
皆勤(n) perfect attendance/(P)/
皆兵(n) universal conscription/
皆皆様(n) Ladies and Gentlemen!/all of you/everyone/
皆済(n) settlement/(P)/
皆さん(n) everyone/(P)/
(adv,n) all/everyone/everybody/(P)/
皆既日食(n) total solar eclipse/
皆目(adv) entirely/(P)/
皆伝(n) initiation into an art or discipline/
Show details for allianceallianceメイ
Show details for all, manifoldall, manifoldショ
Show details for alone, Germanyalone, Germanyドクひと(り)

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