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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Show details for ageageレイとし
Show details for age suffix, year, timeage suffix, year, timeサイ、セイ
Show details for agileagileビン
Show details for agreeagreeショウうけたまわ(る)
Show details for aidaidエン
Hide details for alcoholalcoholシュさけ
酒興(n) merrymaking/
酒宴(n) drinking bout/banquet/(P)/
酒精(n) (ethyl) alcohol/spirits of wine/
酒焼け(n) drink-reddened face/
(n) alcohol/sake/(P)/
酒屋(n) sake dealer/(P)/
酒造家(n) brewer/distiller/vintner/
酒色(n) wine and women/sensual pleasures/dissipation/
酒家(n) wine shop/liquor store/pub/heavy drinker/
酒を勧める(exp) to press wine on/to offer wine/
酒断ち(n) swearing off liquor/
酒を絶やす(exp) to run out of wine/
酒杯(n) wine cup/
酒盛り(n) drinking bout/merrymaking/
酒豪(n) heavy drinker/
酒癖(n) drinking habits/drunken behavior/
酒毒(n) alcoholic poisoning/
酒浸り(n) liquor-soaked/continuous drinking/
酒店(n) alcohol-selling shop/
酒器(n) drinking vessel/
酒を醸す(exp) to brew sake/
酒池肉林(n) sumptuous feast/debauch/
酒保(n) canteen/post exchange (PX)/
酒徒(n) drinker/drinking companions/

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