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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
林業(n) forestry/(P)/
林学(n) forestry/(P)/
林檎の心core of an apple/
林道(n) path through forest/woodland path/
林政(n) forest management/
林産(n) forest products/
林立(n,vs) stand close together/(P)/
林野(n) forests and fields/
林内interior of a forest or wood/
林檎(n) (uk) apple/(P)/
林間(n) in the forest/
(n) woods/forest/(P)/
林木(n) forest tree/
林間学校outdoors school/
Hide details for abandonabandonす(てる)
棄て売りsacrifice sale/
棄却(n,vs) rejection/dismissal/abandoning/renunciation/waiver/(P)/
棄児(n) abandoned child/foundling/
棄老(n) old person thrown away in the mountains/
棄死exposing a corpse in the city/
棄捐(n) donation/abandonment/
棄背giving up and turning back/
棄権(n,vs) abstain from voting/renunciation of a right/(P)/
棄言葉sharp parting remark/
棄子(n) abandoned child/foundling/
棄約breaking a promise/
棄児(n) abandoned child/foundling/
棄損(n) assassination/damage/injury/waste/

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