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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Hide details for againagainユウまた
又の名(n) alias/another name/
又木forked tree/forked branch/
又頼み(n) indirect request/
又も(adv) (once) again/
又従兄elder second cousin/
又と無い(exp) unique/matchless/unparalleled/never again/
又貸し(n,vs) subleasing/subletting/
又ないunique/matchless/unparalleled/never again/
又弟子(n) indirect pupil/
又もや(adv) again/
又隣(n) second door from here/
又しても(adv) again/
又聞き(n) hearsay/(P)/
又無いunique/matchless/unparalleled/never again/
又家来(n) secondary retainer/
又買いbuying through an agent/
又従弟younger second cousin/
又の日(n) another day/the next day/
(adv,conj,n) again/and/(P)/
又貸し(n,vs) subleasing/subletting/(P)/
又と(adv) in addition/besides this/twice/
又又(adv) again (and again)/once again/
又従兄弟(n) second cousin/
又々(adv) again (and again)/once again/(P)/
又は(conj,exp) or/otherwise/(P)/
又借り(n) subtenancy/
又従姉妹(n) (female) second cousin/
又請け(n) subcontract/

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