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Hide details for affectionaffection
慈善会(n) philanthropic society/
love/be affectionate to/pity/
慈善(n) charity/philanthropy/(P)/
慈恵(n) mercy and love/(P)/
慈眼(n) merciful eye/
慈しむ(v5m) to love/to be affectionate to/to pity/(P)/
慈善箱charity box/
慈母(n) affectionate mother/
慈姑(n) arrowhead (root)/
慈兄affectionate elder brother/
慈善鍋(n) charity pot/
慈しみ(n) affection/love/
慈善団体(n) charitable institution (organization)/(organized) charities/
慈父(n) affectionate father/
慈善市(n) charity bazaar/
慈善家(n) charitable person/philanthropist/
慈愛(n) affection/kindness/love/(P)/
慈心(n) benevolence/mercy/
慈雨(n) welcome (beneficial) rain/(P)/
慈悲(n) compassion/benevolence/charity/mercy/(P)/
慈訓kind counsel/mother's advice/
慈善事業philanthropic work/charitable enterprise/
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