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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
添附(n,vs) attachment/appendage/annex/
添字(n) subscript/
添加物(n) addition/additive/appendix/
添い臥し(n) sleeping together/
添乗(n) accompanying/escorting/
添い寝(n) sleeping together/
添え物(n) addition/supplement/
添加(n,vs) addition/annexing/(P)/
添う(v5u) to accompany/to become married/to comply with/(P)/
添え木(n) splint/brace/
添付(n,vs) appended/attached/(P)/
添乗員(n) tour conductor/tour guide/(P)/
添書(n) accompanying note or letter/postscript/
添景(n) persons or animals added to a picture/
添え書き(n) accompanying note/postscript/
Show details for admonishadmonishさと(す)
Show details for admonitionadmonitionカイいまし(める)
Show details for adoreadoreした(う)
Show details for advancingadvancingシンすす(む)、すす(める)
Show details for advantageadvantageき(く)
Show details for affected by diseaseaffected by diseaseカンわずら(う)
Show details for affectionaffection
Show details for againagainサイ、サふたた(び)
Show details for againagainユウまた
Show details for ageageレイとし
Show details for age suffix, year, timeage suffix, year, timeサイ、セイ
Show details for agileagileビン
Show details for agreeagreeショウうけたまわ(る)
Show details for aidaidエン
Show details for alcoholalcoholシュさけ

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