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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
加水(n,vs) add water/
加害者(n) assailant/(P)/
加うるに(conj,exp) besides/furthermore/
加速(n,vs) acceleration/(P)/
加算機(n) adder (written)/adding machine/
加俸(n) extra allowance/
加担(n) support/participation/assistance/complicity/conspiracy/
加水分解(n) hydrolysis/
加冠(n) (male) coming of age ceremony/
加年(n) adding years/
加数(n) addend/
加工税processing tax/
加圧水炉pressurized water reactor/
加湿(n,vs) humidification/
加入権NTT permission-to-procure-a-phone-line/
加糖(n) sweetening/sweetened/
加入(n,vs) becoming a member/joining/entry/admission/subscription/affiliation/adherence/signing/(P)/
加養(n,vs) caring for the sick/taking care of oneself/
加重(n) weighting (in averaging)/aggravation/
加州State of California/
加速運動accelerated motion/
加算器(n) adder (written)/adding machine/
加算(adj-na,n) add/addition/
加工賃(n) processing fees/
加算税(n) additional tax/
加持(n) faith-healing/incantation/

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