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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
酸敗(n) acidification/
酸素供給oxygen supply/
酸化還元反応an oxidation-reduction reaction/
酸性岩(n) acidic rock/
酸化炭素carbon monoxide/
酸性紙(n) acidic paper/
酸っぱい(adj) sour/acid/(P)/
酸い(adj) sour/acid/(P)/
酸鼻(adj-na,n) appalling/awful/extreme pain/deep sorrow/
酸素吸入oxygen inhalation/
酸性土壌acid soil/
酸漿(n) ground cherry/husk tomato/Chinese lantern plant/
酸性食品acid(ic) foods/
酸性(n) acidity/(P)/
酸性酸化物acidic oxide/
酸基(n) acid radical/
酸味(n) sourness/acidity/(P)/
酸化物(n) oxide/
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