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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
積み込む(v5m) to load (with goods, cargo)/to put on board/to stow aboard/
積み荷(n) (a) load/freight/
積もり書き(n) written estimate/
積み肥(n) compost/manure/
積算(n,vs) addition/add up/estimate/
積載量(n) loading capacity/
積極性(n) assertiveness/positiveness/
積分学(n) integral calculus/
積み重ね(n) (a) pile/accumulation/
積極策positive plan/constructive policy/
積み残す(v5s) to leave off cargo/
積立金(n) deposit/
積み送り(n) shipment/
積載(n) lading/loading/carrying/(P)/
積み下ろす(v5s) to unload/
積極的(adj-na) positive/active/proactive/(P)/
積み込み(n) loading/
積み直す(v5s) to reload/
積み上げ(n) pile up/make a heap/lay bricks/
積み立て(n) savings/(P)/
積み替え(n) transshipment/reshipment/
積み残し(n) left-off cargo/
積み重なる(v5r,vi) to accumulate/
積雲(n) cumulus clouds/
積載能力(n) carrying (loading) capacity (power)/
積分(n) integral/
積乱雲(n) cumulonimbus cloud/
積分法(n) integration/

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