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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Hide details for accompanyaccompanyバイ
陪従(n,vs) waiting upon/attending on/accompany/
陪侍retainer/attending on the nobility/
陪食(n) dining with one's superior(s)/(P)/
陪臣(n) rear vassal/daimyo's retainer/
陪審制度(n) jury system/
陪審(n) jury/juryman/juror/(P)/
陪観(n) view with a superior/
陪乗(n,vs) riding in the same carriage (car) (with a superior)/attending on (ones superior) in the same carriage/
陪審員(n) juror/juryman/
陪席(n,vs) sitting with one's superior/be in attendance/(P)/
Show details for accomplishaccomplishスイと(げる)
Show details for accumulateaccumulateセキつ(む)、つ(もる)、つも(り)
Show details for accumulateaccumulateチクたくわ(える)
Show details for accuseaccuseショウ
Show details for acidacidサンす(い)、す(っぱい)
Show details for act in place ofact in place ofセツ
Show details for activeactiveカツ
Show details for addaddくわ(える)、くわ(わる)
Show details for add toadd toテンそ(う)、そ(える)
Show details for admonishadmonishさと(す)
Show details for admonitionadmonitionカイいまし(める)
Show details for adoreadoreした(う)
Show details for advancingadvancingシンすす(む)、すす(める)
Show details for advantageadvantageき(く)
Show details for affected by diseaseaffected by diseaseカンわずら(う)
Show details for affectionaffection
Show details for againagainサイ、サふたた(び)
Show details for againagainユウまた
Show details for ageageレイとし

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