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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Hide details for 100 000 000100 000 000オク
(num) 100,000,000/hundred million/(P)/
億円100,000,000 yen/
億劫(adj-na,n) troublesome/annoying/
億ション(luxury) apartment/
億劫(adj-na,n) troublesome/annoying/
億万(n) millions and millions/
億兆(n) the people/multitude/masses/(P)/
Hide details for a certaina certainボウなにがし
某誌a certain publication/
(n) (obs) someone/personal pronoun/
某所(n) certain place/(P)/
某々(n) so-and-so/
某日(n-t) certain day/(P)/
某の仕業the work (doings) of so-and-so/
(n,pref) certain/one/(P)/
某かの金a certain sum of money/some money/
某氏(n) certain person/unnamed person/(P)/
某国(n) certain country/(P)/
某某(n) so-and-so/
某高校a certain high school/
某月(n-t) a certain month/
Hide details for a wood, woodsa wood, woodsリンはやし
林野庁Forest Service/

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