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English meaning-Kanji-On reading-Kun reading-Japanese-English
Show details for 100 000 000100 000 000オク
Show details for a certaina certainボウなにがし
Show details for a wood, woodsa wood, woodsリンはやし
Show details for abandonabandonす(てる)
Show details for abilityabilityノウ
Show details for abolishabolishハイすた(れる)、すた(る)
Hide details for abridgedabridgedリャク
略章(n) miniature medal or decoration/
略図(n) rough sketch/rough map/
略文(n) abridged sentence/
略書(n) abbreviation/
略歴(n) brief personal record/short curriculum vitae/short CV/(P)/
略筆(n) outline/synopsis/simplified form of a kanji/
略解(n) brief explanation/
略式(adj-na,n) informal/simplified/
略伝(n) biographical sketch/
略式命令summary order/
略説(n) outline/summary/
略帽(n) ordinary cap/
略譜(n) brief genealogy/abbreviated musical notation/
略字(n) abbreviation/simplified character/
略す(v5s) to abbreviate/(P)/
略語(n) abbreviation/acronym/(P)/
略儀(n) informality/
略言(n) brief statement/summary/
略してfor short/
略取(n) abduction/
略取誘拐罪(n) kidnapping/
略号(n) code/mark/symbol/

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