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Show details for 100 000 000100 000 000オク
Show details for a certaina certainボウなにがし
Show details for a wood, woodsa wood, woodsリンはやし
Show details for abandonabandonす(てる)
Show details for abilityabilityノウ
Hide details for abolishabolishハイすた(れる)、すた(る)
廃物(n) scrap/junk/waste material/
廃語(n) obsolete word/
廃船(n) scrapped vessel/
廃退(n) decay/decadence/
廃残(n) down-and-out/ruin/decline/
廃棄物waste matter/waste/garbage/trash/(P)/
廃線(n) discontinued line/
廃位(n) dethronement/
廃業(n,vs) cessation of business/discontinuation of business/(P)/
廃れる(v1) to go out of use/to become obsolete/to die out/to go out of fashion/(P)/
廃液(n) waste liquid/
廃藩置県(n) abolition of clans and establishment of prefectures/(P)/
廃刊(n,vs) ceasing to publish/discontinuance of publication/
廃兵(n) disabled soldier/
廃家(n) deserted or ruined house/extinct family/
廃人(n) cripple/disabled person/invalid/(P)/
廃帝(n) dethroned emperor or king/
廃校(n) abolition or closing of a school/
廃山(n) abandoned mine/
廃園(n) neglected or abandoned garden/
廃除(n) (legal) exclusion or removal/
廃材(n) scrap wood/
廃藩(n) abolition of the han system/
廃れた家を興す(exp) to restore a family to its former prosperity/

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