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Show details for 100 000 000100 000 000オク
Show details for a certaina certainボウなにがし
Show details for a wood, woodsa wood, woodsリンはやし
Show details for abandonabandonす(てる)
Hide details for abilityabilityノウ
能楽堂(n) Noh theatre/(P)/
(n,n-suf) talent/gift/function/Noh play/(P)/
能無し(n) incompetence/ne'er-do-well/
能が無いincompetent/have no merit/
能く(adv,n,vs) being skilled in/nicely/properly/well/skillfully/thoroughly/(P)/
能動的(adj-na) active/(P)/
能力(n) ability/faculty/(P)/
能役者(n) noh actor/
能がないincompetent/have no merit/
能率賃金efficiency wages/
能事(n) one's work/
能面(n) Noh mask/(P)/
能楽(n) Noh play/
能動態(n) active voice/
能書き(n) advertising the excellence of one's wares/boasting/
能登半島peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture/
能力給(n) payment based on ability/
能率給(n) efficiency wages/
能狂言(n) noh farce/noh interlude/
(adv,n,vs) being skilled in/nicely/properly/well/skillfully/thoroughly/
能筆(n) skillful penmanship/skilled calligrapher/(P)/
能動免疫active immunity/
能を演ずる(exp) to play a noh drama/
能動(n) active/

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