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Show details for 100 000 000100 000 000オク
Show details for a certaina certainボウなにがし
Hide details for a wood, woodsa wood, woodsリンはやし
林野庁Forest Service/
林檎病(n) slap-cheek (erythema infectiosum)/
林産物(n) forest products/
林檎酒(n) apple cider/
林業試験場experimental forestry station/
林業(n) forestry/(P)/
林学(n) forestry/(P)/
林檎の心core of an apple/
林道(n) path through forest/woodland path/
林政(n) forest management/
林産(n) forest products/
林立(n,vs) stand close together/(P)/
林野(n) forests and fields/
林内interior of a forest or wood/
林檎(n) (uk) apple/(P)/
林間(n) in the forest/
(n) woods/forest/(P)/
林木(n) forest tree/
林間学校outdoors school/
Show details for abandonabandonす(てる)
Show details for abilityabilityノウ
Show details for abolishabolishハイすた(れる)、すた(る)
Show details for abridgedabridgedリャク
Show details for abstainabstainサイとき
Show details for abundantabundantユウ
Show details for accompanyaccompanyハン、バンともな(う)
Show details for accompanyaccompanyバイ

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