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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Hide details for あわ(せる)あわ(せる)ヘイtogether
併存(n) coexistence/
併行(n) parallel/
併せる(v1) to unite/to put together/(P)/
併呑(n) annexation/merger/swallowing up/
併せ考える(v1) to consider together/
get together/
併行線parallel railways/
併せ持つ(v5t) to own (something) as well/
併置(n) juxtaposition/placing side by side/
併読(n) secondary reading/
併存(n) coexistence/
併発(n,vs) concurrence/coincidence/complication (in illness)/(P)/
併合(n) merge/join into one/annexation/absorption/(P)/
併進(n,vs) advancing together/
併せ用いる(v1) to use jointly/to use at the same time/
併発症complications (in illness)/
併さる(v5r,vi) to get together/to unite/
併有(n,vs) owning together/combination/
併音PinYin (Ch romanization system) (incorr. 1st kanji!)/
併合罪concurrent offenses/
併起(vs) occurring simultaneously/
併も(conj) (uk) moreover/furthermore/nevertheless/and yet/
併称(n,vs) classifying together/
併せて(adv,conj) collectively/altogether/in addition/besides/at the same time/
併殺(n) double play (baseball)/
併し(conj) (uk) however/but/(P)/
併設(n) establishment/link/
併し乍ら(adv,conj) (uk) however/(P)/
併用(n,vs) using together (jointly)/used at the same time/(P)/

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