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Hide details for あぶらあぶらfat
脂っ濃い(adj) (uk) greasy/fatty/oily/
(n) nicotine/resin/sleep in one's eyes (eye mucus)/
脂濃い(adj) (uk) greasy/fatty/oily/(P)/
脂身(n) fat meat/(P)/
脂肪油(n) fatty oil/
脂肪酸(n) fatty acid/
脂染みる(v1) to become greasy/to be oil-stained/
脂が乗る(v5) to be in good table quality/to get into the swing of (as one's work)/
脂汗(n) cold sweat/greasy sweat/
(n) fat/tallow/lard/(P)/
脂肪(n) fat/grease/blubber/(P)/
脂肪太り(n) fat/
脂下がる(v5r) to be complacent/to look self-satisfied/
脂肪ぶとり(n) fat/
脂足(n) greasy feet/
脂肪層(n) fatty layer/layer of fat/(P)/
脂粉(n) rouge and powder/cosmetics/
脂っこい(adj) (uk) greasy/fatty/oily/
脂気(n) greasiness/oiliness/
脂質(n) lipid/fats/adipose/
脂性(n) fatty constitution/
脂肪心fatty heart/
脂肪質(n) fatty/
脂肪体corpus adiposum/
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Show details for あま(い)、あま(える)、あま(やかす)、あま(んじる)あま(い)、あま(える)、あま(やかす)、あま(んじる)カンsweet
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