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Show details for あなあなコウopen hole
Show details for あなど(る)あなど(る)despise
Show details for あにあにケイ、キョウolder brother
Show details for あねあねolder sister
Show details for あば(く)、あば(れる)あば(く)、あば(れる)ボウ、バクviolent
Hide details for あぶ(ない)、あや(うい)、あや(ぶむ)あぶ(ない)、あや(うい)、あや(ぶむ)dangerous
危急存亡の時crisis/critical moment/critical time/
危機感(n) sense of impending crisis/
危うい(adj) dangerous/critical/grave/uncertain/unreliable/limping/narrow/close/watch out!/(P)/
危急存亡(n) a life-and-death matter/an emergency or crisis where survival is threatened/
危疑(n) fear/misgivings/
危惧(n,vs) fear/misgivings/(P)/
危機打者pinch hitter/
危険因子risk factor/
危機(n) crisis/(P)/
危気(adj-na,n) possibility of danger/
危険角度critical angle/
危うく(adv) almost/nearly/in imminent danger of/(P)/
危虞(n,vs) fear/misgivings/
危険視(vs) regarded as dangerous/
危機突破crisis relief/
危険性(n) riskiness/danger/
危険を冒す(exp) to brave (defy) a danger/
危険(adj-na,n) danger/peril/hazard/(P)/
危殆(n) danger/jeopardy/distress/
危ぶむ(v5m) to fear/to have misgivings/to be doubtful/to mistrust/
危なげない(adj) safe/certain/
危ない(adj) dangerous/critical/grave/uncertain/unreliable/limping/narrow/close/watch out!/(P)/
危急存亡の秋crisis/critical moment/critical time/

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