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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Hide details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
欺瞞者deceiver/a fraud/
欺く(v5k) to deceive/(P)/
欺き惑わす(v5) to deceive and lead astray/
欺瞞(n) deception/deceit/
Hide details for あしあしキャク、キャleg
脚本家(n) scriptwriter/playwright/scenario writer/
脚注(n) footnote/(P)/
脚線美(n) beauty of leg lines/
脚韻(n) rhyme/end rhyme/
脚絆(n) gaiters/
脚色(n) dramatization (e.g. film)/(P)/
脚註(n) footnotes/
脚力(n) walking ability/
脚付き(n) (1) something (equipped) with legs/(2) sole of foot/(3) one's manner of walking/
脚色者movie adapter/dramatizer/
(n) leg/(P)/
脚立(n) footstool/stepladder/
脚半(n) leggings/
脚光(n) footlight/limelight/
脚力(n) walking ability/
脚部(n) leg/
脚気(n) beriberi/

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