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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
Show details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
Show details for あしあしキャク、キャleg
Show details for あし、た(る)、た(りる)あし、た(る)、た(りる)ソクfoot, leg
Show details for あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)taste
Show details for あず(ける)、あず(かる)あず(ける)、あず(かる)deposit
Show details for あせあせカンsweat
Show details for あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)ユウ、ユplay
Show details for あた(える)、あずか(る)あた(える)、あずか(る)give
Show details for あた(り)あた(り)ヘンvicinity
Show details for あたいあたいprice
Hide details for あたた(かい)、あたた(か)、あたた(める)、あたた(まる)あたた(かい)、あたた(か)、あたた(める)、あたた(まる)ダンwarm
暖帯(n) subtropics/
暖気(adj-na) easy/easygoing/carefree/happy-go-lucky/
暖かな毛布warm blanket/
暖房器heater/heating unit/
暖衣飽食well-fed and well-dressed/
暖かい(adj) warm/mild/genial/(P)/
暖国(n) warm country/
暖簾(n) (uk) (short) sign curtain hung at shop entrance/reputation (of a store)/(P)/
暖を取る(exp) to warm oneself/
暖まった空気warmed air/
暖色(n) warm colour/
暖気(n) warmth/warm weather/
暖かみ(n) warmth/
暖炉(n) fireplace/hearth/stove/(P)/
暖冬(n) mild winter/(P)/
暖地(n) warm district/region of mild climate/
暖房(n) heating/(P)/
暖まる(v5r) to warm oneself/to sun oneself/to warm up/to get warm/(P)/
暖める(v1) to warm/to heat/(P)/

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