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Show details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
Show details for あしあしキャク、キャleg
Show details for あし、た(る)、た(りる)あし、た(る)、た(りる)ソクfoot, leg
Show details for あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)taste
Show details for あず(ける)、あず(かる)あず(ける)、あず(かる)deposit
Show details for あせあせカンsweat
Hide details for あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)ユウ、ユplay
遊歴(n) tour/
遊覧飛行(n) sightseeing flight/
遊廓(n) red-light district/
遊郭(n) red light district/
遊軍(n) reserve corps/flying squadron/
遊里(n) red light district/
遊び心(n) desire to play or have a good time/
遊撃隊員irregular forces/
遊説(n,vs) election tour/election campaign/stumping/(P)/
遊惰(adj-na,n) indolence/
遊蕩(n) self-indulgent pleasure/
遊撃戦(n) guerrilla warfare/unconventional warfare/
遊底(n) breechblock (of a gun)/
遊山(n) excursion/outing/picnic/
遊客(n) sightseer/playboy/frequenter of red-light districts/
遊び暮す(v5s) to idle away one's time/
遊子(n) wanderer/traveller/
遊歩道(n) promenade/esplanade/(P)/
遊泳(n,vs) swimming/conduct of life/
遊技(n) games/pastimes/
遊覧船(n) pleasure cruise/(P)/
遊離基free radical/

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