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Show details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
Show details for あしあしキャク、キャleg
Show details for あし、た(る)、た(りる)あし、た(る)、た(りる)ソクfoot, leg
Show details for あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)taste
Show details for あず(ける)、あず(かる)あず(ける)、あず(かる)deposit
Hide details for あせあせカンsweat
汗水(n) sweat/
汗疹(n) prickly heat/heat rash/
汗を掻く(exp) to perspire/to sweat/
汗顔(adj-na,n) ashamed/(P)/
汗疣(n) prickly heat/heat rash/
汗血(n) sweat and blood/
汗掻き(n) one who perspires freely/great sweater/
汗だくでdripping with sweat/bathed in perspiration/
汗っ掻き(n) great sweater/one who perspires freely/
汗止め(n) an antisudorific (agent or material)/
汗臭い(adj) smell(ing) of sweat/
汗染みる(v1) to be sweat-stained/
汗馬(n) a sweating horse/
汗をかく(v5) to perspire/
汗ばむ(v5m) to be sweaty/
汗取り(n) undergarment designed to soak up sweat/
汗知らず(n) prickly heat powder/baby powder/
(n) sweat/perspiration/(P)/
汗腺(n) sweat gland/
Show details for あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)あそ(ぶ)、あそ(ばす)ユウ、ユplay
Show details for あた(える)、あずか(る)あた(える)、あずか(る)give
Show details for あた(り)あた(り)ヘンvicinity
Show details for あたいあたいprice
Show details for あたた(かい)、あたた(か)、あたた(める)、あたた(まる)あたた(かい)、あたた(か)、あたた(める)、あたた(まる)ダンwarm

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