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Show details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
Show details for あしあしキャク、キャleg
Show details for あし、た(る)、た(りる)あし、た(る)、た(りる)ソクfoot, leg
Hide details for あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)あじ、あじ(わう)、あじ(わい)taste
味噌っ滓(n) miso lees/a good-for-nothing/immature child or person/
味噌擂り(n) grinding miso/flattery/a flatterer/
味噌漬け(n) meat or fish or vegetables preserved in miso/
味噌っ歯(n) decayed (baby) tooth/
(adj-na,n) flavor/taste/(P)/
味気無い(adj) wearisome/insipid/irksome/wretched/vain/
味覚(adj-na,n) taste/palate/sense of taste/(P)/
味噌擂り坊主(n) a low-ranking priest/contemptuous reference to a priest/
味噌汁(n) miso soup/(P)/
味気ない(adj) wearisome/insipid/irksome/wretched/vain/
味気ない(adj) wearisome/insipid/irksome/wretched/vain/
味気無い(adj) wearisome/insipid/irksome/wretched/vain/
味を調える(exp) to flavor/to season/
味見(n) sampling/tasting/
味付け(n,vs) seasoning/flavour/
味わい知るto taste and know/
味方(n) friend/ally/supporter/(P)/
味醂(n) (uk) type of sweet sake used in cooking/
味わう(v5u) to taste/to savor/to relish/(P)/
味わい(adj-no,n) flavour/meaning/significance/
味読(n,vs) appreciating a book/perusal/
味な(adj-pn) smart/clever/witty/strange/
味つけ(n,vs) seasoning/flavour/
味付け海苔(n) seasoned nori (laver)/
味が薄いlightly seasoned/
味醂干し(n) fish sliced open, seasoned with mirin, soy sauce etc. and dried in the sun/

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