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Show details for あざむ(く)あざむ(く)deceive
Show details for あしあしキャク、キャleg
Hide details for あし、た(る)、た(りる)あし、た(る)、た(りる)ソクfoot, leg
足元(n) (1) at one's feet/underfoot/(2) gait/pace/step/(P)/
足の甲top of the foot/instep/
足止め(n,vs) house arrest/confinement/keeping indoors/inducement to stay/(P)/
足を組む(v5) to cross one's legs/
足を速める(exp) to quicken one's pace (steps)/
足下(n) (1) at one's feet/underfoot/(2) gait/pace/step/
足蹴(n) kick/
足の裏sole of foot/
足利時代(n) Ashikaga period (1333-1568 CE)/
足弱(adj-na,n) having weak legs/a slow walker/
足を地に付けてwith steady steps/with one's feet planted on the ground/
足首(n) ankle/(P)/
足手纏い(adj-na,n) (acting as) a drag/
足固め(n) judo leg hold/
足回り(n) chassis/undercarriage (of automobile or truck)/
足留め(n,vs) house arrest/confinement/keeping indoors/inducement to stay/
足場(n) scaffold/footing/foothold/
足駄(n) high clogs/rain clogs/
足忠実(n) good or tireless walker/
足慣らし(n) walking practice/warming up/
足掛かり(n) foothold/
足温器(n) footwarmer/
足す(v5s) to add (numbers)/to do (e.g. one's business)/(P)/
足踏み(n,vs) stepping/stamping/marking time/(P)/
足し前(n) supplement/addition/

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