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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
漁期(n) fishing season/
漁民(n) fishermen/
漁る(v5r) to fish for/to look for/(P)/
漁具(n) fishing tackle/
漁猟(n) fishing and hunting/
漁場(n) fishing grounds/
漁火(n) fire for luring fish at night/
漁師町fishing village/
漁撈(n) fishing/
漁夫の利profiting while others fight/
漁業協定fisheries agreement/
漁礁(n) reef where fish live and breed/
漁り(n) search/rummaging search/fishing/
漁船(n) fishing boat/(P)/
漁業法(n) Fisheries Act/
漁獲量(n) haul (catch) (of fish)/
漁網(n) fishing net/(P)/
漁港(n) fishing harbour/
漁獲(n) fishing/catch/haul/(P)/
漁獲高catch of fish/
漁期(n) fishing season/
漁労(n) fishing/fishery/
漁場(n) fishing grounds/(P)/
漁師(n) fisherman/(P)/
漁村(n) fishing village/(P)/
漁業専管水域exclusive fishing zone/
漁家(n) fishing household/
漁り火(n) fire for luring fish at night/
漁獲物catch of fish/

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