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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
浅瀬(n) shoal/shallows/sand bar/ford/(P)/
浅はか(adj-na,n) frivolous/thoughtless/(P)/
浅ましい(adj) wretched/miserable/shameful/mean/despicable/abject/
浅見(n) shallow view/superficial idea/(P)/
浅黒い(adj) darkish/swarthy/(P)/
浅沓(n) variety of lacquered clogs/
浅知恵(n) shallow thinking/shallow wit/
浅漬け(n) lightly pickled vegetables/
浅学非才one's lack of learning or ability/
浅海(n) shallow sea/(P)/
浅慮(n) imprudence/indiscretion/thoughtlessness/
浅蜊(n) short-necked clam/
浅才(n) incompetence/lack of ability/
浅手(n) a slight wound/
浅学(adj-na,n) superficial knowledge/superficiality/(P)/
浅紅(n) light red/
浅葱(n) chive/
浅酌低唱(n,vs) getting slightly intoxicated and humming a tune/
浅黄(n) light yellow/
浅学菲才one's lack of learning or ability/
浅い(adj) shallow/superficial/(P)/
浅緑(n) light green/
浅緑(n) light green/
浅草海苔(n) dried laver/
浅茅生(n) (rare) broad field of sparsely growing cogon grass/
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