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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
朱点(n) red mark/
朱墨(n) red-ink stick/red and black/
朱塗(n) red (lacquer)/
朱印船(n) shogunate-licensed trading ship/
朱に染まる(exp) to welter in blood/
朱書(n) writing in red/
朱顔flushed face/
朱門(n) red-lacquered gate/
朱筆を加える(v1) to make corrections/(P)/
朱鞘(n) red-lacquered sword sheath/
朱筆(n) red-ink brush/
朱墨(n) red-ink stick/red and black/
朱色(n) vermilion/scarlet/(P)/
朱文金(n) Japanese shubunkin goldfish variety/
朱肉(n) red ink pad/(P)/
朱を入れる(exp) to retouch/to correct/
朱印状(n) license with a red seal/shogunate license to trade/
朱印(n) red seal/(P)/
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Show details for あせあせカンsweat

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