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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
(n,n-suf) quotient/
商業界commercial world/
商戦(n) sales war/
商業街shopping street/
商工(n) commerce and industry/(P)/
商品(n) commodity/article of commerce/goods/stock/merchandise/(P)/
商業学校commercial school/
商運(n) fortunes of business/
商品回転率stock turnover/
商標権(n) trademark signs/
商機(n) business opportunity/
商業目的business goal/
商業資本trading capital/
商業算術commercial arithmetic/
商う(v5u) to sell/to handle/to trade in/(P)/
商館(n) firm/trading company/
商業銀行commercial bank/
商店街(n) shopping district/shopping street/
商人(n) trader/shopkeeper/merchant/
商業学(n) commercial science/
商議(n) conference/consultation/
商務省Department of Commerce/
商業道徳business morality/
商事会社commercial company/
商業史history of commerce/
商船旗merchant flag/
商家(n) mercantile house/store/merchant/
商品名trade (brand) name/
商才(n) business ability/

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