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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
秋更けてlate in autumn/
秋蚕(n) autumn (fall) silkworms/
秋晴(n) clear Autumnal weather/
秋落ち(n) poor (fall) harvest/depressed crop prices/
秋場所(n) autumn sumo tournament/
秋波(n) amorous glance/wink/
秋日和(n) clear autumn day/
秋蒔き(n) autumn sowing/
秋刀魚(gikun) (n) pike (fish)/saury/
秋立つ日first day (beginning) of autumn/
秋雨前線(n) autumn rain front/
秋期(n) autumn/
秋分(n) autumn equinox/(P)/
秋雨(n) autumn rain/
秋草(n) plants which flower in autumn/
秋田県prefecture in the Touhoku area/
秋分の日autumn equinox holiday (Sep 23 or 24)/(P)/
秋風(n) autumn breeze/(P)/
秋霜烈日(n) harshness/severity/
秋作(n) autumn crops/
秋祭り(n) autumn festival/
秋風(n) autumn breeze/
秋色(n) autumn scenery/
秋日(n) autumn day/autumn/
秋口(n) beginning of autumn/
秋田犬(n) Akita (breed of dog)/
秋晴れ(n) clear Autumnal weather/(P)/
秋蚕(n) autumn (fall) silkworms/
秋声(n) sound of the autumn wind/
秋霖(n) autumn rain/

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