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Kun reading-On reading-Kanji-English meaning-Japanese-English
会議場conference room/place of assembly/
会員名簿membership list/(P)/
会員規約membership agreement (e.g. for a credit card)/
会社法(n) corporation law/
会期中during a session (of the legislature)/
会主sponsor of a meeting/
会議所(n) place of assembly/
(n,n-suf,vs) meeting/assembly/party/association/club/(P)/
(n,vs) understanding/(P)/
会心(n) congeniality/satisfaction/(P)/
会合に臨む(exp) to be present at a meeting/
会を抜ける(exp) to withdraw from a society (meeting)/
会派(n) faction/denomination/communion/
会計(n) account/finance/accountant/treasurer/paymaster/reckoning/bill/(P)/
会費(n) membership fee/(P)/
会商(n) negotiation/talks/
会長に推す(exp) to recommend (a person) for the post of president/
会同(n) assembly/meeting/
会衆(n) audience/congregation/
会わせる(v1) to make (someone) to meet/to expose to/to subject to/
会見記record of an interview/
会計士(n) (certified public) accountant/
会計検査院(n) Board of Audit/
会社営業business administration/
会談(n) conversation/conference/discussion/interview/(P)/

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